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The Global Pro Bono Bar Association ("The Global Pro Bono Bar") anticipates issuance of its inaugural e-Journal in the 2020-2021 academic year.  Publications will include written work products developed in the course of project development by The Global Pro Bono Bar as well as professional-quality writing of independent authors  on topics with a strong connection to the mission of The Global Pro Bono Bar.

If you would like to submit an unpublished manuscript for consideration, please contact us via the Contact Us page with your name, title, organization (if applicable), brief abstract, and appropriate contact information for The Global Pro Bono Bar to provide a response.

Please continue to visit this page for updates on The Global Pro Bono Bar's E-Journal.  Thank you for your interest in The Global Pro Bono Bar.

The Global Pro Bono Bar Association

P.O. Box 55463

Houston, TX 77255


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